Limited Edition Prints

    What is a Limited Edition Print?

A limited Edition is a print that is museum quality. Every detail has been meticulously scrutinized to give the buyer the strongest investment possible. The inks, paper, matting, and other materials used are all archival and rated to last from 100 to 200 years if properly cared for. The methods and machines used in printing are the finest printers money can buy costing tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars and are operated by experts who are trained to offer artisanal quality work at one of the countries finest printing houses. A great amount of attention has been given to the choices of medium and color matching, to give the observer an ultimate viewing experience. Many of these prints have been tested on several types of papers and using different methods of printing to match each image with the presentation that displays the fullest color and tonal accuracy, conveying my vision when capturing the original scene. After printing, each print is personally inspected by me and compared to a reference print to check that the color balance and paper texture are consistent before being mounted, signed, and numbered to assure the greatest quality of each print has been met.

    What is a COA and is one included with my Limited Edition Print?

A COA is a Certificate of Authenticity that is documentation your print is a group of one of a kind work of art. It comes with each Limited Edition Print. I also keep a copy on file.

    What happens when the limited edition number is sold?

After the specified number of limited editions have been sold no other limited editions of that image will be sold. Online, unsigned prints may still be offered.

    What is a Giclee Print?

Giclee is a method of printing on fine art, archival papers and canvas using archival quality inks. The results are amazing and it is one of my favorite methods of printing. Giclee prints can commonly be found in art galleries all over the World.

    What is a C-Print?

A C-print is a method of printing that uses pure color red, green and blue laser beams to expose light sensitive photographic paper for superior prints. The print house that I use for my C-prints utilizes a Durst Lambda 130. This is a best-of-class machine and represents over $400,000 of investment and is a key component of the quality of the prints.

    Do you offer custom frames?

I do offer my prints mounted with a white 100% cotton rag mat with an optional plain black gallery frame with acrylic glazing ready to hang. I do not, however, offer custom frames or mat colors. Custom framing and matting is such a personal decision and there are such wide varieties I feel it is better to leave these choices up to you and a professional framer to match your decor. Most of the prints I offer do fit into standard sized frames though, unless otherwise stated.

    If I get someone else to mat and frame my print what materials should they use?

There are a large number of options that will work as long as the matte is “acid free” and the glazing (glass or acrylic) has a UV coating.

    Why is billing differant than Smugmug?

Since my limited edition prints are made one at a time and are inspected, mounted and signed here locally I have to use the popular and established “squareup” e-commerce site to process anything I produce locally.

    Can I get one of your prints listed in Online Prints as a Limited Edition Print?

My goal is to eventually offer all of my online prints as Limited Edition as well, but since it is time consuming to test different print methods,I can only do a few at a time. If, however, you see something that you want as a limited Edition I can move that image up the priority list. It may take a couple of weeks to to fulfil, but feel free to contact me. I may already be working on just the image you want.