Online Prints

    What is an online print?

My online prints are printed “on demand” and delivered straight to you by one of the finest printers in the country. I painstakingly compared the quality of several of my prints made by several companies and the guys I chose delivered the highest quality prints I could find. Another added advantage is, unless the print is really large, they ship in flat boxes instead of rolled up, like most online printers, making it easier to frame.

    Are Online Prints Signed?

Online prints are not signed because they are shipped directly from the print company to you.

    What size should I get?

That is really up to you, what you need it for, and the location you plan to hang it. I can say that as you are clicking through the “size options” you can see, in real time, how the image will be cropped. I try to keep my images in standard sizes and unless you already have a frame you are trying to match it is generally better to pick a size that doesn’t crop the image.

    Can I get an online print matted or framed?

Smugmug does offer the option of framing and matting your online print.