Artist Biography

Richard is a self taught photographic artist based in Nashville Tenn. In 2012, After three decades in the music industry as a recording engineer for artists including Trace Adkins, Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, and Josh Turner, he turned to his passion for photography as an art form utilizing nature and landscape images as metaphors to tell poetic and emotional stories of the natural cycles of our lives. His work has been included in national group exhibitions including representing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in “Americas Parks: A Centennial Celebration” at Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo Colorado in conjunction with their Ansel Adams exhibition and most recently featured at the Nashville International airport as part of the “Flying Solo Art Series”. His landscape and travel photography has appeared in publications including Lifestyles Magazine, USA Today, US News & World Report, and The Tennessean.

Artist Statement

I love finding a natural motif and watching time and atmosphere transform the scene. The changing weather, the sun’s path, all come together to cast so many dynamic moods on Earth's permanent features that will never occur the exact same way again. In a brief moment I am taken on a visual journey that evokes so many personal emotions that forever becomes part of me. It is a collaboration between artist and nature. I want to extend that experience by condensing everything I can of that moment into this two dimensional format of photography. Offer the viewer a path that lets them step into the moment and experience their own emotional response. Inviting them to participate and reconnect with something they felt standing on a cold mountain top in the Smokies or on a warm beach off the coast of South Carolina and draw their memory into the now. This is the challenge that drives me every day I go out with my camera to commune with Nature.

Exhibitions, Shows and Awards:

2019 - Solo Exhibit, “Local Color-A Sense of Place”, Scarritt Bennett Gallery, Nashville, TN

2019 - Solo Exhibit, "Local Color-A Sense of Place", The Ned McWherter Performing Arts Center, Jackson, TN

2019 - Solo Exhibit, "Local Color-A Sense of Place", The Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center, Huntingdon, TN

2019 - SNAP Group Exhibit, Nashville State Community College, Juror: Beth Gorham, Nashville, TN 

2018 - SNAP group Exhibit, "A Sense of Place", Hotel Preston Gallery, Jurors: Larry McCormack & Lacy Atkins, Nashville, TN

2017 - Solo Exhibit, "Local Color-A Sense of Place", Nashville International Airport Flying Solo Series, Nashville,TN

2017 - Periscope Group Exhibit: Bohan Gallery, Nashville, TN

2017 - SNAP JCC Group Exhibit, Gordon Jewish Community Center, Juror: Jerry Parks, Nashville, TN

2016 - “Inspired by the Cinema”, SNAP Provence exhibit, Juror: Zach Hall, Nashville, TN

2016 - Americas Parks: A Centennial Celebration, Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, Juror: John Fielder, Pueblo, CO

2016 - SNAP JCC Exhibit, Gordon Jewish Community Center, Juror:Paul Polycarpou, Nashville, TN

2016 - Artfields Competition, Jurors: Bradford R. Collins, David Houston, Stephanie Mayer Heyd, Lake City, SC

2015 - Best of Show Black and White, 2 - 1st place ribbons, 1 - 2nd place ribbon in Tennessee State Fair.

2015 - Art on the West Side, Gordon Jewish Community Center, Nashville, TN

2015 - SNAP JCC Exhibit, Gordon Jewish Community Center, Nashville, TN

2015 - Artfields Competition, Jurors: William Pittman Andrews, William Underwood Eiland, Leslie Rankow, Lake City, SC

 2014 - 2-1st place ribbons and 1 - 2nd place ribbon in Tennessee State Fair.

2014 - Natural World, Juror: Susan Spiritus, The Center for Fine Arts Photography, Fort Collins, CO

2014 - 52nd Annual National Exhibition, Jurors: Rusty Scruby, Megan Spacek, Sam Keith, Beaumont Art League, Beaumont, TX

 2013 - 1-1st place ribbon and 1 - 2nd place ribbon in Tennessee State Fair.


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