Gift Certificates

    What are “Email Gift Certificates”?

When you purchase an “e-mail Gift Certificate” you will receive an email with a printable file attached that you can print and give to someone. The certificate will have a code that they can use at checkout to receive a credit for the amount of the certificate.

    Why do you have gift certificates for Online Prints only? 

The company that I use for online printing sales is different than the company I use to process payments for my Limited Edition and calendars and they have no way of knowing when someone has redeemed a gift certificate from the other. I am sorry if this causes any inconvenience.    

    Do Gift Certificates Expire?

They do. Gift certificates will expire one year from the date on the certificate. Can I use a Gift Certificate to purchase a Calendar? Unfortunately you can not. A large portion of the proceeds of the 2016 Greenways for Nashville calendars is donated to the organization so I am not able to transfer funds for Gift Certificates to them at this time.

    Why is billing different than Smugmug?

At this time Smugmug isn’t capable of handling payments for orders I fulfill locally, so I have to use the popular and established “square” e-commerce site to process anything I produce locally.