Testimonials - rbarrowimages

"Oh my, i can't tell you how much i love the picture.  It's like I'm standing right on the parkway!!!!  Again Thanks!!!!!!"

Rhonda of Houston, Texas

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful photo! Unfortunately, after becoming sick twenty years ago, I continue to be forced to rely on a wheelchair for mobility, and I am limited from viewing the beautiful places throughout the park. We have lived here all of our lives, yet my time to see all that I had wished was cut short. This photo taken by you is the most touching photo Brent (Husband) has ever shared. Although he wishes he could take me there himself, he gave me the next best thing when he showed me your photo. So, I sincerely thank you for sharing this beauty that I may not be able to view personally but I can look at every day and feel as if I exist among it. Thank you, again. ❤️Scarlett"

Scarlett of Pikeville, Tennessee

"We have one of Richard's images prominently displayed in our living room. His image delights the eye, stimulates the mind, and is much more than just a pretty picture. Richard's images are artful and engaging. We love ours."

Dr. Stacy of Mountain Home, ID